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2013 Show #40 – December 16: Christmas Spectacular



Haven’t seen the show in many years – the toy soldiers part is always my favorite.  I’m not a fan of the whole video game thing they added it but I do understand this is a show for kids!

2013 (off)Broadway Show #39 – December 15: Small Engine Repair



TOBY!  This was a pretty good show – one of the first good ones I’ve seen from this theatre in a while.  I think it was a nice modern story that was funny and shocking and sad all at the same time!  And Keegans perfectly frosted hair was maybe the best part!

2013 Broadway Show #38 – December 9: Gypsy Of The Year



Great season of volunteering with BC/EFA – The gypsy of the year performance is always a nice way to bring the season to a close!